Remote Skin Wellness Consultation


If you’re unable to come see me in person a remote skin consultation is a great way to learn more about your skin, receive support, get an expert review of your current skin state and discuss your long term goals.

With total skin health in mind, this long-distance treatment is meant to get all of the information we need to formulate a professional product, lifestyle and treatment plan that suits your unique situation.  This expert evaluation with give you the know how to make the changes you want to see for yourself.

In the case of more complex, stubborn or on-going conditions that require specific product routines or for cases that are best observed overtime, further appointments may be recommended.  The cost for my continued assistance will be defined as needed.

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Information gathering:

  • Health History
  • Skin History
  • Product Usage
  • Lifestyle, Diet, Habits, Prior Treatments
  • Discuss your long term goals, expectations and immediate needs
  • Help you understand what is possible and where there might be limitations
  • Send me high resolution photos

Your Recommendations:

  • Skin Report
  • Primary skin type and tendencies
  • Skin conditions with first priority, second priority and long-term solutions
  • Additional information that may be relevant like: emotions, subtle energies, habits
  • New or better product recommendations based on your lifestyle and goals
  • Suggestions for advanced therapies by qualified professionals as applicable
  • Follow-up session if you order customized skin care

Introductory kits, specialty products and custom skincare made-to-order, are sold separately and are not part of the initial service price. Specific product recommendations I make will include pricing and order details.

Please note: All pre-formulated and custom blended products are non-refundable but if you have any questions about their use, efficacy, suitability or purpose you are always welcome to contact me for any reason. Every product, ingredient, or combination of, is purposefully selected and should be used as recommended for the appropriate amount of time and self-care habits may affect best results.

Available for Booking 7 Days a Week Via Skype

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