First Time Visits With Lara

Basic Skin Evaluation


This treatment is recommended if you have general questions or you want to make small improvements.  

 Sometimes a full one hour treatment may be necessary for more complex issues and to get a more detailed look at your skin.  Don’t hesitate to call me or reserve this service if you’re looking for some advice and guidance.

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  • Skin Cleansing
  • Up-close Skin Analysis
  • Skin History Including: current product use, homecare habits, lifestyle & diet
  • Review of your goals, expectations & prior treatments
  • Product & self care recommendations
  • Further treatment suggestions if needed
  • Please note that this is not a full facial treatment

Available Saturday & Sunday in Ojai, CA

Skin Health Evaluation  + Treatment


If you are looking to gain more insight into your skin and receive support and advice from a master esthetician I’m here to help you no matter how complex or simple your needs. 

This is a full-service experience.  We will take a detailed and insightful look into your skin history, current conditions, product routines, lifestyle and desires.  During the hands-on customized facial treatment your skin will reveal its natural tendencies, states of health or depletion and any underlying issues.  The treatments can then be tailored specifically to your issues.  I can not only optimize your skin over time and correct persistent issues, but I can restore your skin to its fullest potential.

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  • Full Health History
  • Skin History
  • Product Usage
  • Lifestyle, Diet, Habits, Prior Treatments
  • Discuss long term goals and expectations
  • Address immediate needs
  • Help you understand what is possible and where there might be limitations


  • Skin: Primary type & tendencies
  • Skin: Structure, function, overall condition and resilience
  • Skin conditions: first priority, second priority and long-term solutions
  • Additional information that may be relevant like: emotions, subtle energies, habits
  • How your current self-care may or may not be working for you


  • Products to suit your needs and better your conditions
  • What you can do to maximize your benefits and support your skin long-term
  • Self-care recommendations or changes in habits that naturally fit your lifestyle and help you accomplish your ideals while working to minimize persistent stressors

Products & Follow-up:

  • All product recommendations and pricing will be clearly provided and benefits explained as a part of your service which you are then welcome to review and ask questions about before purchasing.
  • Introductory products will available for you to take home at the time of your service but select products like advanced custom blends will be handmade for you separately and sent to you in a few days.
  • All products are sold separately and are not a part of the service price.
  • Wellness check-in after you’ve started any new home care provided by me.

In the case of more complex, stubborn or on-going conditions that require specific product routines or for cases that are best observed overtime, further appointments may be recommended and the cost for my continued assistance will be defined as needed.

Available Saturday & Sunday in Ojai, CA

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