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Lara Becker is a Master Esthetician and Holistic Practitioner with 18 years of dedicated high-level service in the fields of Holistic Esthetics, Ayurvedic Body Therapy and Professional Spa Education, and is now offering the specialized practice of Corneotherapy. 

For six beautiful years Lara worked as Lead Esthetician and Spa Supervisor for the exquisite clientele of the Ojai Valley Inn and in 2019, started her own practice so she could continue to serve her community and provide the most advanced methods of skin rejuvenation and energy therapy.

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“No matter how much I know and have discovered over the years within the realm of skin care and skin science, the most powerful treatments I offer will always harness principles of energy to tap into the body's greatest potentials, and are based in plant medicine specific to the person in front of me.

A deep passion for people, plants, minerals and using rituals to enable dynamic change, continue to be my driving force and all of the treatments I provide come from my devotion to offer the best without compromise.

I’m committed to sourcing and using the most supremely pure substances and exquisitely formulated product lines that have the integrity and genuine ability to create balance while being true to the concepts of purity, efficacy and sustainability.”

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